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We offer a variety of medical grade and non-medical grade facials at PF Aesthetics & Wellness.  A skin assessment is performed by our Family Nurse Practitioner virtually before in office visit or before any booked facial service.  We are currently starting off our Black Friday sale now through the end of November.  

PRP facial

PRP facial  (platelet enriched plasma)

This facial consist of your plasma injected with SkinPen or Cytopen microneedling.  This signature facial helps stimulate collagen.  This is non-surgical way of eliminating the wrinkles and sagging that add years to your appearance. This procedure release growth factors and stimulate stem cells, which works with collagen-producing bodies, called fibroblast. The fibroblast replace damaged tissue with healthy cells that look refreshed and rejuvenated.  Microneedling with PRP turns back the clock on your skin by treating skin impurities and give you a radiant complexion. 



This procedure is performed by a medical grade device. This is a must have high- quality skincare routine that bring a more youthful, vibrant glow to skin.  This procedure helps with fine lines, wrinkles, lightening dark spots/patches, clean out clogged pores, shrinks enlarged pores, clear up acne, reduce breakouts with oily skin, and give hydration. This medical grade device exfoliate, extract and hydrates skin. The spiral design delivers painless extraction using vacuum technology. This treatment uncovers a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing. This process has four steps: Step 1 is cleansing and exfoliation; Step 2 acid peel; Step 3 extractions; and Step 4 is serum application. Add ons available: Oxygen tent dome, LED lights, dermaplaning, medical grade skin peel, hydrojelly mask, jelly mask, and The Perfect Derma Peel. Add on services can be booked online individually or as add on with other facials. 


Hydrojelly Facial

Hydrofacials restore pH of the skin, smooth rough skin surface, calms antibacterial and anti-microbial flora, boost moisture retention, reduce redness and swelling, aiding in proper distribution of natural oils, helps manage dry skin, increase skin tightness, penetrates the dermis to kill bacteria clogged pores, enhance collagen production, helps  improves skin elasticity, helps with dermal healing, improve discolorations/hyperpigmentation, prevent cell damage, lightening the skin, enhancements to skin tone and reduce texture by skin repair, enhance blood circulation, detoxifying the skin, sooth nerve cells /inflammation, and fight off acne-producing , provides oxygen to the skin, reduce sagging skin and promotes overrall skin health. 

Facial Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.



Per session (may get monthly)

Black Friday Pricing

1 hr session

PRP facial ( Vampire Facial)


Per session (may get every 6 months)

Microneedling (SkinPen) without PRP $450

1 hr session

Hydrojelly or Jelly Mask 


Per session (may get monthly) $89 Jelly Mask 

Membership pricing $79 month for Hydrojelly or Jelly Mask 

1 hr session