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Beginner Botox Class $899

Botox for beginners is a one day 8 hour class that includes classroom presentation and hands on training. Topics of discussion include anatomy, dilution for neuromodulators (Botox, Xeomin, Jeauveu, and Dysport), consultation process, candidate selection, functional tests, static versus dynamic rhytids,  cosmetic techniques, commonly treated areas, muscles, cosmetic reasons for neuromodulators, complications, consent, pre-treatment, post-treatment and hands on training will follow .  Consents included  and documentation discussed.  How to set up accounts with supplier and supply list will be included.  Follow up training in office available in Atlanta at no charge for 4 hours.  Bring your product and models. Training days are available Monday through Wednesday with 1- 2 weeks notice.  

Class Requirements: This class is for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistant and other medical personnel.  Front office staff may attend class for knowledge only but may not participate in hands on if office medical personnel is present during class.  Class cost is $899 Deposit of $500 is required to register. Balance of deposit must be paid in full 7 days before class. No refunds are provided for classes.  Front office staff cost is $500 without hands on training with full payment if on hands training attendance is requested. Certificate for class will be provided and survey will be required.  Licensure will be verified. Classes are live training.  Space is limited. Temperature will be taken with social distance.  Class is located in Sandy Springs, GA  Front office fundamental and policy and procedure is available for Botox only $150 through December 31, 2020                            

Dermal Filler Class & Advanced Botox $1100 or $1600 for Beginner Botox & Dermal Filler Class/Advanced Botox (regular $1999 for both) 

Advance Botox Class includes cosmetic and medical reasons for Botox. Cosmetic topics will build on beginners class and medical reasons for Botox will be discussed.  Dermal fillers topics include anatomy, structural changes, types of filler, FDA approved fillers, indications of fillers aesthetics/medical, common areas of augmentation, injection techniques, pretreatment discussion, cannulas, avoiding poor results and hands on training. Bonus topics include how to set up a profitable clinic, supply list, vendor list, marketing, and the do's and don't.  Consents included in class with pre-treatment/post-treatment instructions.  Electronic medical record will be discussed. Documentation discussed. 

Class Requirements:  Beginner class completion documentation required within last 24 months.  This class is for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other medical personnel. Front office staff may attend for knowledge or to perform other type of administrative needs when other medical personnel is present during class. Class cost is $1100 or $1600 in combination with Beginner Botox. Office staff cost is $500 without hands on training.  Certificate for class will be provided and survey completion will be required. Licensure will be verified for medical and other medical professionals. $500 deposit to secure class. Payment in full is required 7 days before class. Bonus buy require full payment of $1600 before beginner class. Other Bonus includes Hyaluron pen for other medical personnel with hand-on training with hyaluron pen.  This class is most beneficial to Georgia other medical professional to  have access to me and complication management.  No syringe hands on will be allowed. No refund for classes will be allowed.  Business start up will be discussed and additional support for 4 hours hands on training in my office is included.  Bring your product and bring your model. Scheduling is 1-2 weeks before hand on training required. Combination class can be offered as a 2 day training. Small classes with social distances. Temperatures will be taken.  Policy and Procedure Manual and front office fundamentals is available for purchase for $250 through December 31, 2020

Skin Care  $899

This class is 1 day consist of 8 hours we will discuss Fitzpatrick Skin Types, skin assessment, Lancer Ethnicity Scale, Burton Classification Acne, Acne, Acne treatment, Anatomy of skin, Combination therapies, expectation/pricing, skin products, consent, pre-treatment, post-treatment, complications. Hands on training with Hydrafacial, Medical grade chemical peels, dermaplaning, microneedling, and exfoliation. Account set up, product comparsion, and malpractice. Policy/procedure is available $150 through December 31, 2020. 

Class requirements: No medical licensure is required. Licensure will not be required unless microneedling Class space is limited and social distance will be honored. Deposit $250 to book class. Balance must be paid in full 7 days before class. No refunds will be given for class. No additional attendees will be allowed.  One full year of support is included in class. Hands on free training in my Atlanta office for 4 hours are available at no additional charge.